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from: Denim
on : Fri 13-Jan-1995 3:59 

Well, it's time for a list. 


1) How ice cream that dries on a spoon looks bubbly like it might be root 
2) How Olivia would look so sexy with a pot (just kidding, and if you 
haven't seen Pulp Fiction, well, *phthbbt* to you too!) (*)
3) How I really ought not to tell people I'm going to give them certain cap
files until I go back and READ the stuff and make sure I'm not being honest
about them.
4) Why I'm wearing clothes at 3:30 am.
5) How poitnless this list is.
(*) Go see it!!!(**)
(**) Well, what did you THINK the footnote would say?

Time for another list. 

1) 1
2) 2
3) 3
4) pi
5) the Potted Petunia constant
6) 1031!
7) the true meaning of the lyrics to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
8) 42
9) 4544921
10) 0

Okay, that was stupid enough, how about another one 


1) list of things I thought about at about 3:30 on a Friday morning
1 1/2) using the same word twice on the, uh, identical line
2) list of numbers
3) list of lists I've done this morning
4) list of wild and crazy things it's possible to do on a bridge
5) tomb of the unknown list
6) *odd look* What on Earth are you talking about? 

You know what? Time for a list. 

1) The Pittsburgh Pirates
2) lists without titles
3) lists that have some kind of particular order
4) lists about lists
5) you know what I mean, right? lists that don't start out being about lists
but turn out that way, anyway, number 5 is having to wash out bowls with ice
cream dried in them.
^) puncuation that just comes out of nowhere, man, whoa, it's a starberry.
(+t somewhere)
7) umop apisdn. if you got that you've been rdgi !$(*#!#@ READING! (after
typing it for the 4329th time)

sublist: how to spell "reading" when you're tired a) readngi
    b) reding c) rding d) ding e) ggi
    f) Guadalajara, Mexico end sublist 

8) "something" "fuckin' trippy!" look at my life and the things that i do fer
luvin'... this is not relevant --8 is being irrelevant.
9) writing big long posts thinking (well, this one will never see the light
of day" and not bothering to fix missed punctiatoin (+u) (oh neer ming) and
typos and then accidentally hitting S ave hjust hout of habit.
10) overuse of words.
11) Okay, looks like I'm going for 100 this time! Maybe it doesn't have a
title, but here goes nothin!!
12) bad habits and not having a nail clipper, whci have nothign to do with ch
other excetp that i'm going to start biting my nails now. they taste like ice
cream (I'm sure you were all dying to know, in fact I think just earlier
tonight Dierdre posted something asking what everyone's fingernalis taste
like, sorry, I'm going to fall face forward into my dessert now, noly it's
dried out. i like ths doun of that typi let me try that again. I like the
soudn of that typo: "noly" "noly" i wonder what thta youd men a if ooh)
13) *smile* My birth day is on the 13th of June and there will be a full
Mune! in case you needed to plan ahead to be out of town. one day the
conjunction will occur, and it will also be a Friday, and then my love be
afraid. be very very afraid.
14) a full moon, that was. if you needed that hint, self-bonk yourself at
your leisure. Sesame street.
15) Mr. Roders' swearters.
16) not sweethearts, sweaters. you know. full trash cans and empty snapple
bottles. hell, any kind of empty bottle is a negative thing.
17) so is any kind of trash can. subway coupons. "get a free 6-inch sub when
you buy sixty foot-long meatball subs and two cups of yogurt!"
18) Yogurt.
19( accidentally hitting tab at the werong times.
20) yawnign because i can't see the keys I'm sort of unenthusiastically
aimong for. (+which and rearrange.)
21) hey, that made sense! (moment of clarity) Moments of clarity. I don't mind
them as much as the Pirates but they are not peleasurable except in the
astonishment which is always fun. if you enter my world when you read this,
i hope you meet Lafcadio in it because it would be nice to know that he is in
my world. a part of me. yeah. mm.
22) talking about talking about. file under rush fat-ass blow-hard limbaugh.
the man has become a topic and now has an excuse for talking about himself.
car save us all.
23) add thus to above sentanve in an aproprote place (sp! "sp?"s are for
unsureness, "sp." are for correcrtions of other people in which ou are sure,
and !s are for spelling emergencies.)
24) They ought to have spelling ambulances that come along and try to (what's
that word?) rejuvinate (it means something like "jumpstart") not reactivate,
no... not regeneratie (you know you've been playing too much "manic: the
blathering" when...) not almost had it, tip of my brain, not reciprocate but
close... not recidivism either, and the reason the recidivism rate for sex
offenders is so low is NOT because sex offenders are rehabilitated (which is
also not the word i was looking for by the way) but because sex crimes are
so rarely reported anyway, and becuase it is so easy to get someone accused
of a sex crime off the hook. it's not revitalize, that's a Clindton wrod
about urban centers or something.

        sex crimes is #24.
25) not being able to find the word you need.
26) welp, found it-- resuscitate (sp?) the words you have mangled (this is a 
continuation of an above sentence which i believe was interrupted by itself. 
sort of a Mobius interrutiopn (sp!!) ) and rearrange them until they can live 
normal lives as respectible members of the English language instead of
hooligans and outcasts like "yer". (no offense i use that myself and misfits
are neat, especially "Dooooo!")
27) raving for six lines and never adctually getting around to putting in an
item after a number.
28) *odd look* Odd looks bug me.
29) ooh, that was a complete sentence. complete sentences.
30) i have a plaid flanel shirt on right now, but the other day i realized i
acutally have some solid-color flanel shirts somewhere that i might be able
to find. why i am typing htis i have no clue,.,. (those look mildliy (sp!$(@)
different from where i am sprawled.)lily --i think i am typing whatever comes
a croos my mind. hoo. speaking one's thoughts when one is tired.
31) that stupid use of hte word"one" . how scholarlyily annoying.
32) the two words "marshmallowy delicious."
33) if I title this list I'll title it "The Strategy Of The Union Forces At
Antiedam" or sometihng equally silly just to throw people off. i think 
i misspelled the place name. as if this is a new thing for tonight. weell, sone
of a bench, i misspelled another now.n (noun]0 hoo dee yow% Being unable to 
produce a little British pound symbol like I could on the Commodore 64.
34) Who do you think you're fooling? I know you. ANY ONE OF YOU FUCKING PRICKS
Dooo!) Lights at cemetaries.
35) ack! my dad's coming