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subj: What is needed for a better world
base: Artificial Reality
from: Wesley Crusher
on  : Fri 16-Sep-1994 1O:16p

        Let me take a minute to explain to you the philosophies that I try to
lead my life by, and even thou I don't suceed all the time, I try to to.
        #1:  Just because you can do a thing, it does not mean you must, or
should, do that thing.
        #2:  Life is NEVER fair!  Take the good with the bad.
        #3:  Never take anything too lightly.
        #4:  Always stand behind your Government.  With your support, they will
do the RIGHT thing.
        #5:  Respect and listen to your elders, they know alot more than you.
        #6:  Do not listen to your peers.  Make your own decisions if nesesary.
        #7:  Better safe, than sorry.
        #8:  Never make fun of someone because of  beliefs, and or looks
        #9:  Don't be affended by things that inderectly bash you, because you
most likely misunderstand.
        #11:  Treat others as you would like to be treated.
        #12:  Learn to take a joke.
        #13:  Don't insult, if you can't stand to take the insults
        #14:  The only time you don't have to folow some kind of rule is when
your sleeping.
        #15:  Enjoy life with caution!!!!!  If you slip, you might not live to
tell it.

        See, I'd like to see a world free of drugs, free of poverty, free of
gangs, violence, greed, and discrimination, and it has to start somewhere!!
Why not here???  Can we not bend down and give a helping hand to those less
fortunate, or are we going to say, you screwed up, you get yourself up!  Are we
going to sit a arue about such stupid things as Governement???  We can't change
it.  It's there, oh well, see rule number #2.  The health care plan:  Can't we
give a little to help our fellow Americans???
        We have to get back that brotherly love that should have stayed there.
We are a race.  THE HUMAN RACE, and we have to stick together.
        See, I think on a higher level than most....  For example:  wouldn't it
be nice if there was no money??  Think about.  Throw it all away.  You'd work
in places that you like to work   There would be no national debts.  You
wouldn't have to pay a middle man.  Go strait to the sorce.  "Give me some of
this, and I'll give you that."  If there was no worry about lossing money than
we could be so far ahead.  Did you know that there is a car that runs on
hydrogen??  It won't be put on the market because the oil buisness would go
out.  Well if there was no money involved than those in the oil buisness could
find more work at another, and not have to worry about the money they will
make.  Just go to your local fountain, grab some water and put it in the. tank
and your off!!!  Isn't that amazing???
        Ummm, do you understand the power of the human spirt??  If I told you
right now that I knew a way to get to mars in 2 hours would you believe me???
I doubt it.  Follow rule number 10.  Be open to wild ideas, they just might
        Think about another thing.  What if we all now stoped what we did.
Threw way drugs, beer, cigerets, and all the bad ideads given to us by society
to, and just started over new??  Think of ~he big change.  But, your minds will
most likely think.  That's impossible!!  It will never happen, so why think
about it??  Well, that's the exact reason that it WON'T!
        Protesting is not the way change it.  That just causes more
trouble!!  YOu can't accomplish anything if only a small group follow.  ALL
most beleive, or none will beleive!
        I'm not going to bother responding to negitive responses, only if you
have a serious question will I respond.  I'm not up to responding.  I'd prefere
you not respond at all, just let it sink in.
        Till' all are one.............................
                  This generation's Wesley Crusher..........
!$@#!*#%^!@*^!%#^&*&^$^@!$*&!^$(TRANSMISSION END)!*$(@*&%^$!@^&%@$*$%@$!

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